CBD Pharmacy Store

Our Story

The CBD Pharmacy Store was developed in 2019 and is owned, operated, and maintained by an incredible team of health care professionals. We are doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and most importantly, members of our community that want to improve patient care, health, and wellness, one patient at a time. We believe in CBD and its powerful benefits to improve how you feel, reduce how many prescription medications you take, and to allow you to live your life to the fullest We all use CBD in our daily lives and only carry CBD products which are fully vetted for safety, purity, and efficacy. And they are all American-made 🇺🇸

Our journey with CBD began years ago when CBD was largely unknown. A patient of ours had terminal cancer and pain so intense they were medicated to a point where there was no quality of life, mostly bed-ridden, and spent most hours of the day sleeping. We heard about the potential benefits of CBD but there were no case studies or clinical trials for us to lean on. We spoke to the family and suggested using CBD that we could source (legally) and may provide comfort to the family member. Within 3 days of beginning CBD oil, our patient had their pain levels drop significantly, was able to spend more hours actively up and about with their children and grandkids, and provided hope and comfort to the family knowing their loved one would be able to spend the last few days, weeks, and months of their life the way they wanted. Understandably, this was enough for us to believe in CBD and actively seek out all of its uses to better the lives of our patients and community 

Our aim is to reach as many families and patients in need of hope, health improvement, and education, as possible. We actively educate on both the advantages of CBD use, but also the dangers of not consuming safe and pure CBD. It is just as important that CBD users purchase CBD from reputable sources and are fully educated on its effect before it is consumed. We feel that CBD can be the first line of relief for many ailments after lifestyle changes and can dramatically cut down on the detrimental effects of excessive use of prescription drugs. We are here to educate, support, and supply safe and effective CBD that can change your life

Where do we source our CBD?

It is important to note that CBD is like the wild, wild west. Anyone can make it and sell it, without government or institutional regulation (for now).

Prior to our team advocating and recommending any CBD, we vet our CBD manufacturers on FIVE important categories:

Safety & Purity: Is it Safe and Pure? Is it third party lab-tested?

Cost: Is it reasonably priced?

Palatability: Does it taste good?

Efficacy: Does it actually work?

Support Local: Is it made in the USA? Is it local?

Very few manufacturers pass all 5 categories. The ones that do are listed below and are manufacturers who we have worked with for year:

Green Roads

Cannabis Life

Charlotte’s Web


Queen Hemp Company

Our mission, core beliefs, and promise to you:

Our mission is to provide as many families in need of hope, health improvement, and education with safe and effective CBD

We believe in honesty, doing the right thing, love for one another, sharing our knowledge and experience, and providing hope and healing to those in need

Promise to you: We will always go above and beyond your level of expectation to ensure you are happy, healthy, and hopeful for your days to come